Alex Mercer Prototype Jacket


The prototype Alex Mercer jacket is originated from the famous adventure-action open world game, the Prototype. It was developed by Radical Entertainment and the game showed its central character, Alex Mercer wears this type of jacket.

Gaming was always considered to be a waste of time by many people. However, there are a few inventions that are inspired by games. This jacket is one such product. This product is an example to show the world that the world of games can bring upon new inspiration and good products.

It is a waist length biker jacket designed with the inspiration from the jacket worn by the protagonist Alex Mercer of Prototype. The garment should be subjected to dry cleaning only. One need not be a player or a fan of Prototype to like this dragon masculine jacket.

Have you ever wondered if there can be a designer jacket that portrays masculinity? Alex Mercer Prototype jacket has an embroidered red dragon with a masculine strength in design. Are you a biker or a fan of Alex Mercer or an appreciator of good quality trendy jacket? Are you looking for a jacket that would go with your re bike? You could use one of these jackets. Imagine yourself on a cold morning on your red bike, with this jacket to highlight your bike. The jacket is comfortable, trendy and warm, to wear for tough bikers. The quality of the material and craftsmen stitching ensures enhanced and long life time for the jacket.

Specifications of Alex Mercer Prototype Jacket

This jacket is made up of Cowhide leather. The red collar suits the design in the back and gives a noticeable appearance. The white stripes on the arms give a masculine touch to the costume.

a) The jacket is available in both cowhide leather and synthetic material. If you are a vegan or an environmentalist, you can get the jacket made in synthetic material.

b) It has a black base design with dark red design.

c) Folding collar in red color and dual white stripes in both the arms.

d) High quality stitching to ensure long lifetime for both the design and the jacket

e) Polyester lining to ensure comfort in wearing the jacket for a long time

f) Front closure through zip fastening.

g) A zipped pocket in the chest for important things

h) Zip fastening cuffs

i) All the zips are chromed YKK and it represents the quality of the jacket

j) Dual patched flap opening waist pockets.

k) Dual inside pockets

Reach of the product

The jacket has been a hit not only for Prototype lovers but also for those people who are looking for a trendy jacket. The dragon design at the back gives a cool nature to the jacket and it is comfortably warm enough to be used in cold seasons. The size starts from XS to XXXXL and beyond that, the product is custom made.

Pros of the product

a) Comfortable to wear, because of the lining

b) A good wear for a chilly day

c) A collective product for the game lovers

d) Sturdy stitching by craftsmen ensures longer life for the jacket and the embroidery dragon.

How to buy?

There are many online e-commerce stores that sell these jackets. The common size availability of the jacket is from XS to XXXXL. If larger chest size is required, some of the sites provide custom made options for size larger than 40. Google up for the Alex Mercer Prototype jacket and the search engine will list out the online stores that sell the product.