Be Safe This Christmas Weaving an Armored Leather Jacket


There is a reason why bikers wear leather, to be protected. Leather is known to be the best protective material for motorcyclists, helping to reduce injuries. Armored leather jackets come with protective armours and premium quality leather which is ideal for the majority of bikers. The ways in which jackets which are armored can protect you are: road burns / injuries, road debris and the weather.

All bikers know that when they are in a situation of possibly being in a major accident, the best thing to do is let go of your bike. This will cause the biker to slide across the road. These slides will cause road burns and rashes. When wearing normal clothing and cottoned jackets, this will have no effect in protecting your skin from the sliding burns and will inevitably result in injuries. Leather jackets help to minimize the possibilities of road burns bystanding the friction between the biker and the surface and absorbing the impact. Armored leather jackets will help further in decreasing injuries, this will allow the biker more time when sliding before the leather and the armour burn through to the skin. The impact of the leather in this situation depends on the thickness and quality, if you go for leather which is poor in quality and incredibly thin then the impact of absorption will not be as effective.

When riding on different roads and surfaces at high speeds, rocks and debris can be lifted and possibly hit the rider. Leather jackets will help protect the rider's skin from being hit and potentially causing an injury. Even leather trousers can help to prevent cuts and grazes caused by small pieces of gravel.

The biggest element bikers are faced with when riding is wind when riding at high speeds the wind will hit the biker. Wearing leather biker jacket will help to deflect the wind, keep the biker warmer and helping to prevent less forces pushing on them. Not only will amore leather jackets protect you from the cold weather but are also ideal in the hot summer days. Adding in meshed pockets and air vents will help t allow some air to circulate in the jacket keeping the biker cool.

Armours are a must for bikers that protect the most targeted joints and bones when involved in a accident. The elbow, shoulder and back pads along with the padded leather will help to protect you from broken arms, legs and possibly damaging your spell. So be safe this winter when riding with an armored leather jacket.