Bean Bags Versus Traditional Sofas


Why bean bags chairs are better than traditional furniture
When you are looking for new furniture for your home and not ready to commit yourself to an endless lounge suit, or maybe you are trying to find something to brighten up a living room or child's room, do not always dismiss what may be right in front of you. For whatever reason you are buying furniture, you should consider the prospect of bean bag chairs over contemporary furniture. A bean bag chair, if you have not heard of them before, are a large cushion like shape filled with polystyrene beads or beans.

The history of the "beans"

They were first invented by workers who use to throw polystyrene off cuts into bags at the end of a work line. A Company that expanded on this idea later developed this in 1969. They bought a pear shaped leather bag called a Socco, this idea did not work so after alterations on the name and design it became a smash all over the world. Now, bean bag chairs are finally back in fashion as the latest craze in home decor. Brought back from the 1970s' as a comfy option for indoor seating and have come back in style just in time to give you peace of mind when buying furniture. With such a variety of options to suit your home, you can now choose your favorite colors, sizes, fabrics and styles. Best of all, they are made with strong, UV protected, water resistant fabric, so you can take them outside with you either to the boat or by the swimming pool.

Bean Bags vs. Traditional furniture

With most traditional furniture you could not dream of slipping them outside to lounge by the pool (if you are strong enough to), as some lounge suites can run up to thousands of dollars and you would not dare think of ruining the beautiful lounge leather. A convenient and easy way to take a comfortable and lightweight chair is to make a bean bag chair your new best friend. They will help you relax and are especially great for easing back or neck pain. Think of it as your own personal masseuse.

Health benefits of the bean bag

They are a healthy investment and comparatively cheaper than a lounge suite too, as they are ideal for pregnant women as they provide a comfortable and supportive seating. They are also great for students, parents, children, pregnant women and sufferers of back conditions. Students can use beanbags as a lightweight seating in a dorm room and are so inexpensive that it does not matter if they spilled a mess on them, as they are reliably easy to clean. Choose any sport and you will find a beanbag that is shaped in your favorite ball or animal. Great for kids as they provide a soft place for your children to site while watching TV, reading or playing a video game.

Things you need to know about bean bags

As great as they are, there is also a safety issue to be address when using bean bags in your home. If you do decide to by yourself or someone else a bean bag chair make sure you remove the pull tag once the bag is filled with polystyrene beans. This is done to prevent a choking hazard for children. A liner that slides between the bag cover and the beans can also be purchased as an extra child hazard prevention. Once you have bean bean bag and have filled it with beans, it is finally the best part: the experience itself. The best way to approach a bean bag is to back yourself into one, sit down, let the bag support your body and shape to you then sit back, relax and enjoy!