How to Clean a Leather Wallet


Because of the busy lifestyle everyone has, they do not realize how dirty the wallets they are using are. Wallets are an inevitable thing for a lot of people but they will not care in cleaning the wallets regularly. To retain the life and beauty of a wallet, it should be cleaned regularly and properly in the right way. The wallets can get dirty easily by the regular use. If you can spare some time for cleaning the wallet, then you can avoid the requirement of changing the wallet regularly.

Normally leather wallets are fairly versatile and because of this they can be used for a long time. But the dirt in it makes it difficult to use. They are normally available in dark colors like Brown, Black or deep red. These dark colors help in concealing the stains and dirt in the wallet. Some people may go years without ever cleaning their wallet. You can clean them easily by following the right procedure. Here we are discussing the step-by-step procedure to be followed for cleaning it. You have to first empty the wallet. Pull anything that is not attached to the wallet and set it aside. You have to take special consideration for the pictures in it because they can easily get damaged in the cleaning process. You have to use some anti bacterial disinfectant wipes to wipe down the entire wallet. This is because the money changes hands consistently and because of this currency notes are one of the dirtiest things we come into contact on a daily basis. They may have thousands of different types of bacteria growing inside the wallet. You have to give special attention to the cracks and folds of the wallet and then get the best out of it.

You can condition the wallet by using the same cloth on a different spot. You have to apply the leather conditioner liberally so that it soaks into the leather. This procedure will help in conditioning and rejuvenating the old worn leather. You can then completely dry the wallets and then replace all your cash, credit cards, ATM cards and photos in it.