Lingerie Styles to Suit Your Mood


Who says you need to wear the same lingerie for everyday? Get a couple wild different pieces of lingerie depending on what mood you are in. Colors, styles, cuts – make them all distinct and see how long it takes for your lover to catch on to how you feel.

Sexy: Silk, satin, and the bare minimum of cloth needed to leave some things to the imagination. Teddys and camisoles would be a great style for this, as would a garter belt combo. Your color selection would lean towards reds, black, and purples.

Sultry: Going from satin to velvet and furs, you'll be a perfect little sex kitten. This mood favors very dark hues such as maroon, black, and plum, as well as dusty oranges. You will want lingerie that gives you more coverage, such as a chemise or gown.

Slutty: Brash colors, leather, and latex are the name of this game. Look as naughty as you dare with a variety of off the wall styles. Corsets and garter belts are great, and fishnet stockings work wonders as an accessory. Chains work well too, and accentuate some of the stranger in leather lingerie designs.

Playful: Pastels and boy shorts [] are coming your way! Cotton is the material of choice here, and small camisoles and full coverage thongs work well for instilling a more playful mood. In addition to pastels, bold primary colors work well, as do clashing color combinations.

Teasing: Show but do not tell. You'll want cuts of lingerie that hide as much as they reveal, so that you can drive your lover crazy with desire. It will be delicious torture as you slowly slip out of your robe and camisole set, or unhook your garter from your teddy. Almost any color combination can work well with this, although cooler colors such as greens, purples, and blues work best.

Romantic: Soft colors, such as pinks and light blues, would work with satin, silk, and lace trimmed. Simple patterns work nicely here, as does small flourishes of accessories. Teddys and chemises are nice styles for this.

Nostalgic: Relive the great old days by squeezing into a corset and pretending like you're at the height of the Victorian era. Corsets come in a dazzling around of styles and colors, so you'd be best off just picking one that works for you. Whites and neutral tones lend to this mood very well.

So next time you are wondering what to wear, just try to match your mood! It's fun, at least.