Tips for the Traveler – How to Keep From Being Pick-Pocketed


Traveling with expensive items and a lot of cash can be risky, but not when you acquire certain defense techniques against pick pocketing. In order to travel safe, make sure you follow certain guidelines, because they can help you in safeguarding your possessions at all times. You do not have to keep suspecting everybody and feel attacked all the time if you made intelligent arrangements. Although many would advise you against carrying valuables and important items while traveling, sometimes you have to. As a result, follow the few advices this article brings forth.

Secure Your Purse to Your Clothes

If you used a strong chain with your wallet, and fixed it on a belt loop or a coat pocket, you will not only be able to keep your wallet with you, but possibly catch the pickpocketing thief red-handed. Wallet chains are available from most apparel stores, and all you need to do is wear the right clothing that allows you fix one end of the chain. Although you may find this technique rather old-fashioned, it is effective. However, you can choose to safeguard your belongings in many other ways.

Use Inner Pockets

When wearing a jacket or a suit, you can use inner pockets to make pickpocketing difficult. If you wore well-fitting clothes, it can be easy for you to feel if anyone is trying to put their hands in your pocket. Besides, it takes a lot longer for thieves to discover where you might have hidden your money. Using inner pockets is a common way for people carrying valuables, but if you are comfortable without jackets, you can use trousers and shirts, which have pockets stitched on the inner parts as well.

Do Not Expose Your Valuables Unnecessarily

Although you may have taken precautions to guard against being pick-pocketed, exposing your belongings only attracts attention. Keep your expensive cell phones and other valuables concealed at most times,especially when you are visiting a public place. That way, you will make sure that you do not fall prey to pickpocketing very easily. Besides, by fidgeting with your valuables in public, you could be losing them without the help of pickpocketing specialists.

Carry Cards with Your Photo on Them

If worse comes to worst, you might end up losing your wallet and all the cash in it. However, the money in your bank could also find way to thieves if they manage to use your electronic cards. With your photo on them, it will be difficult for anyone else to use them for transactions. Keep cards without photos in a safe place while you may anticipate being pick-pocketed, because by the time you realize they are lost, it could be too late to call up your bank and block them.

Travelers often use money belts instead of wallets and purses because they remain intact on your body. They are not possible to be taken off without you noticing. However, since that may not go with formal attires, you could use any of these useful techniques when traveling in unknown, crowded and dangerous places.