Tips on How to Combine Your Men's Skinny Jeans With Other Clothes


When it comes to fashion, not only women pay attention to what they wear. Men are trying to be more fashion conscious every day too. New fashion trends are coming in the way for men such as skinny jeans. These tight jeans were originally worn by music stars in the 70's and they are influencing modern men to do the same. The main reason why these jeans are becoming so fashionable everyday now is that they can be easily combined with other clothes. Let me give you some tips how you can look more like male celebrities and models.

You firstly need to determine which jeans suit your style and that can be combined with your other clothes. If you are planning to wear your skinny jeans to work or on other serious occasions then you are advised to wear a white shirt that can be either all white, or white with some square designs, short sleeved or with long sleeves that are rolled over to your elbows. If you are wearing your jeans to a serious appointment, you can wear dark colored, shiny shoes and a same colored leather belt, and your shirt should always be tucked in your jeans. If you are trying to be less serious you can wear men's boots that look very trendy too, along with a T-shirt with light colors.

If you want to look less serious but yet very fashionable, you can wear your tight jeans with any color Converse sneakers and a stylish top. You can also wear high level boots in any color with shoe laces untied. As you can see, skin fit jeans can be combined and worn on any occasion without any difficulty. All it takes is some time and some internet research and you will look smoking. Best of luck!