When There Is a Dance, Accessorize Your Feet


When I think back on all the Dances and Weddings I have been to, one of the most interesting memories I have is taking off my shoes to dance because those beautiful high heeled shoes I was wearing were KILLING me! But I was never alone. Whether it was a wedding, formal, benefit, prom, homecoming, reunions, vise-versa, or other dance event my shoes were off for dancing. But all the other ladies including brides, bridesmaids, mothers, daughters, children, teens and grandchildren had their shoes off too! My bare feet were exposed to the world and 'Oh My!' they had no spark! My toes were painted to match my outfit, but there wasn't anything to set them apart from the barefooted crowd like my dress, shoes (that I was no longer wearing), and the jewelry I had on to accessorize my outfit.

I could not believe it took me over 50 years to get a clue on how to match up my feet for the occasion. But better late than never, right? Now when I go to any dancing event, or for that matter anywhere I dress up and want to accessorize my outfits head to toe, I have just the ticket to make my drab feet match my entire outfit regardless of whether I am wearing shoes or going barefoot. I found jewelry for my feet! My feet stand out in a crowd!

I have been wearing toe rings and ankle bracelets for several years now, but did you know that there is also jewelry called barefoot sandals? Now this is the ultimate! It is like having a comfortable toe ring and ankle bracelet in one! They are shaped like a figure 8 (eight) and loops around your ankle and then your second toe. They are made of several materials but beads and gems are the ultimate for matching the colors of your other jewelry and outfit. They can even be worn as a double stranded ankle bracelet or twisted for different looks. They are popular with the bridal party at beach weddings, wearing matching pairs of barefoot sandals! Wearing these with strapped high heels or barefoot, these gems have completed my entire look.

I can now prance around indoors or outside, pool or beach, weddings, proms, reunions, homecomings, dances, and any other event with or without shoes and know my feet match my outfit to a TEE! Of course unless I am a Chaperone, I won't experience a prom or homecoming, but there are plenty more places I can dance away the night or day and look 100% put together. Barefoot sandals finished the look and I'm still young enough to dance at a wedding and be proud to go shoeless when I hear the music lyrics: 'Put my left foot in, Take your left foot out, Put your right foot in, And Shake it all about '!